cement-lime renovation render


Most important features

  • efficiently accumulates salts
  • accelerates the drying out of masonry
  • highly diffusive, hydrophobic, contains trass
  • complies with instruction sheet 2-09-04
  • for mechanical and manual application

Product description

ATLAS TR is designed for application of renovation coats of thickness from 10 up to 25 mm on humid walls, for interior and exterior use.
Recommended to renovation works in heritage buildings and other renovated objects with walls damp and saline walls.
Reduces corrosive phenomena, achieves dry building wall surfaces.
ATLAS TR can be applied:
- On substrates with a low to medium degree of salinity, in a system with ATLAS TRO preparatory spray coat,
- On highly saline substrates in a system with ATLAS TRO scratch coat and ATLAS TRP base render coat.

Main properties

    ATLAS TR is a factory-prepared dry mix manufactured from the highest quality mineral binders, additives and modifi-ers, as well as trass and quartz fillers.
  • Structure of pores ensures perfect vapour permeability, allows for free humidity evaporation and quick surface drying.
  • Very high porosity – plaster has ability for accumulation of crystallizing salts.
  • Contains lightweight fillers.
  • Resistant to water-soluble salts.
  • Contains hydrophobic agents which reduce surficial absorptivity – surface is protected against precipitation and soaking with water.
  • Perfectly matches historical mortars in objects under renovation work – owing to the special recipe.
  • For mechanical and manual application.
  • Meets the requirements of Instruction 2-9-04.
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cement-lime renovation render

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