highly elastic deformable gel adhesive (2-15 mm)


Most important features

  • natural stone, marble, ceramic tiles, stoneware, mosaic, stone, glass
  • bathroom, kitchen, balcony, terrace, swimming pool, façades
  • perfect distribution and no run-off even with mega-formats > 5 m²
  • the most difficult substrates, including: metal, OSB boards, composite panels, old ceramic tiles, floor heating, waterproofing
  • two different mixing ratios – for a viscosity in accordance with the needs

Product description

ATLAS WHITE ULTRA GEOFLEX adhesive formulation uses the innovative technology of silicate gel in combination with white cement. Thanks to this, this product can be safely used on natural stones, marble, granite, without fear of discoloration of the cladding. The silicate gel has the unique ability to bind water. The gel fills the pores formed at the stage of adhesive setting through the network of inorganic bonds. Accumulation of a part of the mixing water ensures complete cement hydration, regardless of the type of the tiles. Thanks to appropriate water management, which is necessary to complete the setting process, the gel adhesive ensures full adhesion to substrates of various absorbency levels.

The use of the silicate gel technology and white cement gives the following benefits:
• possibility of gluing light, white and natural stone tiles and cladding without fear of discoloration,
• all types of cladding, both absorbent and non-absorbent, can be glued,
• the best possible adjustment of the adhesive consistency to the user’s individual preferences and specific application needs, by dosing water in a much wider range than in the case of traditional adhesives,
• adhesive mortar spreads perfectly under the tiles, which improves adhesion and durability of fixing, especially in outdoor applications,
• safe gluing of tiles on substrates exposed to direct sunlight, both during tiling and adhesive mortar bonding (e.g. on balconies, terraces, etc.).

Plastic bags of 25 kg

Main properties

    ATLAS WHITE ULTRA GEOFLEX is manufactured as a dry mix of top quality cement binder, aggregates and special natural and synthetic modifiers.
  • The use of white cement reduces the discoloration of natural stone and marble cladding.
  • Perfect for gluing glass mosaic tiles and for joining glass blocks - thanks to high adhesion and white cement.
  • Highly elastic – deformability S1 – compensates substrate deformations and internal stresses.
  • A wide range of adhesive layer thicknesses (2-15 mm) allows for:
  • - thin-layer gluing of tiles on an even surface, - thin-layer gluing of tiles on an uneven substrate, preceded by substrate levelling, - thick-layer gluing of tiles an uneven substrate without substrate levelling.
  • No slip when gluing tiles of any type, including large-format tiles and stone tiles - tiles can be glued “from the top down” without need for support during installation.
  • High stability of large-format tiles (even with an area of more than 5 m2) laid on horizontal substrates - the tiles do not sink in the mortar layer.
  • Foot traffic and grouting after only 12 hours - thanks to accelerated setting and drying of mortar under tiles.
  • Recommended for laying tiles in drinking water tanks, food industry facilities, healthcare facilities, nurseries, kindergartens, etc.

Main parameters

  • layer thickness: 2 - 15 mm
  • application temperature: from +5 ° C to +35 ° C
  • pot life: approx. 4 hours
  • grouting: after 12 hours
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highly elastic deformable gel adhesive (2-15 mm)

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