elastic sealing mass


Most important features

  • protects substrates against moisture
  • highly flexible
  • on balconies and terraces
  • in bathrooms, kitchens and cellars

Product description

ATLAS WODER E forms light type damp proofing for places with no pressurised water action (free flow).

For protecting wet rooms against moisture - bathrooms, baths, showers, kitchens, wash rooms.

Protects surfaces exposed to precipitation – balconies, terraces, etc.

For use with OSB boards and zinc galvanized steel – after application of contact layer made of ATLAS GRUNTO-PLAST mass.

Enables installation of flexible protection of corners and expansion joints – along with ATLAS SEALING TAPE and CORNERS or ATLAS HYDROBAND tapes and corners embedded, secures the edges of joints between walls and screeds as well as the expansion joints.

Proofs surfaces around walls and floors, around passages of water and sewage system pipes – together with FLOOR or WALL RINGS or ATLAS HYDROBAND wall rings embedded.

Main properties

  • Highly flexible– can be used on substrates with wall and floor heating systems and other surfaces subject to deformation.
  • Resistant to substrate cracking – the maximum score width, where no coat cracking occurs is 2.5 mm.
  • High adhesion – minimum 1.3 MPa for typical concrete substrates.
  • Coat damp proofing – forms a several millimeter thick coat, which has to be protected against mechanical damage, e.g. resulting from foot traffic – must be covered with screeds, plasters or cladding.
  • Can be used directly under tiles – replaces bitumen membranes and traditional foils requiring execution of screed before fixing the tiles.
  • Easy in use – one component – requires mixing the package content before use only; after opening the bucket and partial use, the rest of the mass can be used up within the whole shelf life period, i.e. 12 months since the production date.

Main parameters

  • Min./max. coat thickness:1 mm / 5 mm
  • Drying time: approx. 3 hours
  • Execution of protective layer: after approx. 24 hours
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elastic sealing mass

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