set of products for insulating external walls of buildings


Product description

For insulating external walls of buildings - can be used both on plastered surfaces and on raw masonry made from bricks and blocks (ceramic, lime-sand, stone, cellular concrete and concrete (monolithic or prefabricated).

For insulation using standard or elasticated polystyrene (EPS) - in both cases the maximum thickness of the thermal insulation can be up to 25 cm.

For insulating buildings up to a height of 25 m

It can be fixed to the surfaces of horizontal or sloping building elements - if they are not exposed to direct weather conditions influence.

Recommended for insulation work in traditional, energy-efficient and passive construction.

Main properties

    Meets European technical requirements - prescribed for insulation systems throughout the European Union.

    Complete set of insulation materials - ensures full and research-proven compatibility of all components, which is particularly important during the subsequent years of the operation of the system.

    Universal - adhesive mortars can be used in the thermal insulation system for fixing EPS panels and making a reinforced layer in any configuration (interchangeable), depending on the needs.

    It makes it possible to give the external walls of buildings the thermal insulation required by the regulations - it reduces heat loss, reduces heating costs and is an effective method of eliminating thermal bridges.

    Improves the acoustic insulation of walls - thanks to the possibility of using elasticised polystyrene boars, it is possible to improve the weighted acoustic insulation index (ΔRw) by more than 3 decibels.

    Low water absorption - less than 0.5 kg/m2 , making the system more resistant to alternate freezing and thawing.

    High impact resistance of the insulation system - provides the insulation system with durability and resistance to damage during use.

    Increases the durability of external walls - protecting them from direct influence of atmospheric conditions.

    The system is non fire-spreading - applicable to insulation systems with polystyrene (EPS) panels up to 250 m
    m thick.