decorative structural paint


Most important features

  • effect of desert sand
  • 5 ready-to-use colours
  • well coating
  • high yield

Product description

KALAHARI paint is manufactured on the basis of specially selected structural additives.

Ready-to-use – does not require additional preparation.

Resistant to scrubbing.

Highly resistant to operational damage.

Ecological, water-dilutable.

Perfect application parametres.

Fast-drying – dries within 1-2 hours, allows to use a room just after 24 hours.

Single coat – final effect formed with single coating.

Main properties

    Visual advantages of the effect:
  • resembles desert sand stone,
  • with characteristic pearl glow,
  • gives impression of three-dimensional depth – the use of structural additives makes the paint surface play with metallic reflections when exposed to light, which gives the impression of being sprinkled with sand grains.
  • with delicate metallic glow after drying.
  • allows for creation of various decorative effects – depending on the application method.
  • available in 5 ready-to-use colours – Lapis, Sol, Nebula, Sabulum, Vesper.
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decorative structural paint

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