latex, structural interior paint


Most important features

  • structural effect in intensive colours
  • easy to apply with a brush
  • perfect coating
  • deeply matt

Product description

KALAHARI MATT paint is produced on the basis of acrylic binder with the addition of high-quality pigments, fillers and chemical agents • high covering power • deep matte - gives the substrate an elegant finish and reduces its imperfections • contains wax - facilitates the removal of stains and dirt and provides increased resistance to water and splashes • excellent application parameters - it is easy to apply, does not splash while painting, does not cause streaks • vapor permeability - facilitates wall breathing and micro-ventilation of rooms • available in 9 colours - citrine, agate, ruby, topaz, sapphire, amethyst, emerald, granite, black diamond

Main properties

  • KALAHARI MATT is a paint manufactured on the basis of acrylic binder with addition of high quality pigments, fillers and chemical agents.
  • ready to use – does not require additional preparation.
  • high coverage – content of mineral fillers, including titanium white, brings perfect coating strength, it is recommended for painting both new substrates and for renovative painting.
  • contains wax – facilitates removal of stains and dirt, ensures improved resistance to water and splashes.
  • perfect application parameters – easy to apply, without splashing during painting, does not form smudges.
  • water vapour permeability – facilitates distribution of gases through the wall and micro ventilation of a room.
  • resistant to washing and scrubbing.
  • contains additives improving rheology – they ensure excellent application properties, prevent splashing during painting, improve paint distribution and creation of smooth, uniform coating.
  • prolonged open time – prevents occurrence of smudges during rapid paint drying.
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latex, structural interior paint

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