ATLAS Group 2014 Philantrophy Leader


ATLAS Group has been awarded third time in a row with the Philantrophy Leader title. In 2013 the biggest Polish manufacturer of construction chemicals spent over 5% of incomes on charity aims – the most among Polish enterprises.

The Philantrophy Leaders contest is organised by Polish Donors Forum. The solemn gala with the awards presentation was held up on 20 November 2014 at Warsaw Stock Exchange seat in Warsaw. The aim of the event is to show the range of charity actions of Polish enterprises and widespread of the business social engagement idea. 35 companies participated in this year edition, among which 23 act internationally.

ATLAS Group third time in a row became the most generous Polish enterprise in the category “company, which spent on social aims the highest percentage of its incomes before taxation in the previous year”. ATLAS advantage is proved by the fact that among 10 best Polish companies in this category, the average percentage of incomes spent on social aims was 1.86%, while in case of ATLAS Group – 5.06%.

We are extremely happy of the consecutive Philantrophy Leader title. Charity and social engagement has been a constant element of our activity, especially after ATLAS Charity Foundation setting up – says Jacek Michalak, ATLAS Group Vice – President of the Board for Development – If, according to data provided by Polish Donors Forum, on American market, which is being treated as a model and economically mature one, the average percentage company charity reaches the level of 1.8% of incomes, the average result of Polish enterprises at the level of 1.86% is very good, but the result of over 5% reached by ATLAS Group is the one we can be really proud of. Except of actions which are listed in the Donors Forum ranking we also lead many other prosocial activities, as it were, beside the ranking playbill. Besides, a lot of Polish enterprises work this way and this gives the great strength, the great charity potential of Polish business.

ATLAS Group has always paid great attention to corporate social responsibility. It set up in 1996 ATLAS Charity Foundation aiming to provide financial assistance to people in need – most often chronically ill, who cannot afford to cover the costs of treatment individually. Within 16 years of activity, the Foundation has provided the financial assistance and aid in kind of the total value of almost 58 million Polish zloty.  

Except of help to ones in need, ATLAS engages in other actions within the Corporate Social Responsibility, including patronage of art and culture, sport sponsoring and use of proecological solutions at each stage of product life and manufacturing. More information on ATLAS Group social responsibility can be found here: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.