Dynamically developing manufacturer of modern construction chemicals, specialising in comprehensive waterproof insulation systems. Manufactures traditional bituminous products, as well as innovative ecological mineral materials.


Product groups:

  • IZOHAN IZOBUD – bitumen, resinous agents for waterproof insulation of foundations and insulation and maintenance of tar board roofing bitumiczne;
  • IZOHAN EKO – ecological agents for insulation of wet rooms, terraces, water and sewage reservoirs, etc.;
  • IZOHAN RENOVATION AND FUMIGATION – agents for reconstruction of horizontal waterproof insulation and fungicides;
  • IZOHAN RENOBUD C I S – mineral epoxy adhesive mortars and grouts, acrylic sealants;
  • IZOHAN RENOBUD P – system of screeds and impregnants;
  • IZOHAN RENOBUD R – repair masses for PCC concrete, waterproof insulation agents for transport infrastructure engineering;
  • IZOHAN POLYURETHANES – polyurethane agents – glues and sealants;
  • IZOHAN FACADE PAINTS – professional acrylic, silicone and silicate painting coats for building facades;
  • IZOHAN SUPPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS – impregnant for wood, adhesion agent for forms, expaniosn joint tapes and cords.


Events / important dates:

1989 Copany Izohan set up
2000 ISO 9001Certificate
2006 Izohan joins ATLAS GROUP