Nida Media

Distributor and provider of electricity and water.
Main partners: Atlas Group, Lafarge Gips, private customers.


  • two 12.5 km long 15 kV cable lines and modern switching stations for low and medium voltage
  • trading of electric power of volume of 29 thousand MWh
  • providing energy to recipients connected to NIDA MEDIA power network
  • other electric power engineering services



  • own water intake; its resources: 114 cubic metres per hour
  • a new water purification plant and water supply systems
  • new sewage networks and a modern sewage-treatment plant
  • purification and sale more than 256 thousand cubic meters of water yearly
  • filtration and disposal of sewage
  • disposal of rain water and mine water


Events / important dates:

2003 Forming of Atlas Pomorze Ltd., later known as Atlas Centrum, and based in Łódź
2006 Change of the name for NIDA MEDIA Ltd.
Lafarge Gips Polska purchases 50% of company shares (50% of shares held by Atlas Group)
Start-up of Network Systems Department of DOLINA NIDY Gypsum Processing Plants Co..
2010 Licence to trade and distribute electric power countrywide
2013 Licence to trade and distribute gas countrywide