The brand, created in the 90’s offers professional products constituting Insulation System IZOLMAT – reliable and proven technological waterproof solutions for foors, foundations and terraces. Brand IZOLMAT consists of highly appreciated by contractors and architects roofing membranes, which meet individual technological needs.


Product groups:

  • special heat-welded asphalt roofing membranes with additives inhibiting fire spread
  • heat-welded roofing mebranes for top application for single- and double-layer refurbishment and ventilation of old roofing substrates
  • heat-welded asphalt roofing mebranes
  • self-adhesive asphalt roofing membranes
  • perforated ventilation membranes
  • asphalt membranes on cardboards
  • asphalt membranes on fiberglass matrix
  • asphalt-rubber dispersal masses
  • thermal insulation sandwich panels
  • asphalt glue


Events / important dates:

1946 Setting up of National Company for Production of Construction Materials IZOLMAT
1991 Company privatisation
2010 ATLAS purchases controlling shares of IZOLMAT