Dolina Nidy

The brand of professional construction chemicals manufactured on the basis of natural gypsum stone excavated in our own mine “Dolina Nidy” in Pińczów as well as high quality synthetic gypsum.

The DOLINA NIDY brand is an example of synergy of modern production processes aiming to create products completely meeting the market expectations as well as the sustainable development requirements – with respect for the natural environment.

Product groups:

  • gypsum fillers
  • gypsum finishing coats
  • gypsum adhesives
  • gypsum plasters
  • cement-lime plasters
  • primers


Events / important dates

1952 Construction of Dolina Nidy Gypsum Industry Plants.
1999 Atlas-Lafarge consortium purchases 80% of shares of Dolina Nidy Gypsum Industry Plants (Zakłady Przemysłu Gipsowego Dolina Nidy S.A.).
2002 New gypsum calcination line in the department of dry mixes of Dolina Nidy Gypsum Industry Plants managed by ATLAS.
2006 NOWA DOLINA NIDY – new company within the ATLAS GROUP.
2007 Opening of a new dry mixes processing plant in Leszcze.
2009 Opening of a plant for gypsum processing in Konin.