Polish manufacturer and distributor of professional paints and plasters, as well as tools for decorative finishing of interiors, located in Wrocław. ATLAS GROUP holds controlling shares of the company.

FOX cooperates with architects, designers and contractors, as well as technological partners from Germany, USA and New Zealand. Products offered by the company are often and keenly used by contractors specialising in interiors finishing works, who also cooperate with ATLAS. They are available in DIY stores, shops and wholesales offering professional decorative products. The FOX Ltd. portfolio is complimentary to ATLAS offer in the range of paint and plaster coatings.

Product groups:

  • Professional paints (structural, decorative, transparent, metallicFarby specjalistyczne (strukturalne, dekoracyjne, transparentne, metalic, interferential)
  • Plasters (lime, mineral, struktural, stucco)
  • Pigments for acrylic paints
  • Priming masses and primers
  • Laquers and impregnants
  • Spackling pastes and wood decoration systems (wood stains, varnishes, patina)
  • Tools for paint and plaster application