Nowy Ląd

Brand of high quality building binders, created on the basis of excavated and processed anhydrite and unique white Zechstein gypsum from Mine “Nowy Ląd” in Lwówek Śląski/Niwnice. Although company “Nowy Ląd” is almost an exclusive manufacturer of special gypsums, it is famous for its construction chemicals

Product groups:

  • shuttered anhydrite
  • anhydrite dust
  • construction binders
  • mining binders
  • gypsum binders
  • building gypsum, raw material


Events / important dates:

1830 Exploitation of Niwnice mine begins
1955 Set-up of a public company Anhydrite Mine Nowy Ląd
1996 Shares of the National Treasury sold to Lower Silesian Investment Company Co. (Polish Copper SA capital group)
1997 Anhydrite Mine Lubichów joins the company
           New name: Gypsum and Anhydrite Mine Nowy Ląd
1998 ATLAS purchases the shares of  Lower Silesian Investment Company Co.
2007 Opening of the gypsum procesiing plant with capacity of 4,500 tons monthly